Zaina's Ayurvedic Cinic & Retreat is an authentic centre for Ayurvedic treatments where the treatment modalities are purely Qualitative & Scientific. The Clinic is situated at Tanalur, Malappuram dist. Kerala, Spotted aside Vattathani - Tanalur Road , about 6 Km away from Tirur Railway Station & Bus stand . More over its 5 Km away from Tanur Town. We are dedicated to preserve health via Prevention & Cure. We have a good team of Qualified and experienced Ayurveda Doctors assisted by well trained & well behaved Therapists and Staff. We extend our helping hand to those who suffer from various Rheumatological & Neurological disorders viz Osteoarthritis , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Low Back Ache , Cervical Spondylosis , Hemiplegia , Paraplegia , Facial Palsy etc. We also handle Pediatric and Gynecological diseases most effectively.


    Vattathani Road, Thanalur, Tirur, Malappuram-Dist, Kerala, India - 676307


+91 7592 07 5000


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Our Treatments

Uzhichil , Pizhichil Njavara Kizhi , Podikizhi , Ela kizhi Siro dhara , Thakra dhara Katee Vasthi Udwarthana Steam Bath Full Body Oil Massage Head Massage , Face Massage Herbal Face PackAnti stress & Relaxation Therapy Detoxification Therapy Rejuvenation Therapy Treatment for weight loss Hijama (Cupping Therapy)


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