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DXN is one of the largest producers of Ganoderma products in the world and is considered as one of the largest growing network marketing organizations. The organization is recognized internationally and currently has 5 million registered distributors worldwide.

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 Be a part of DXN family and play a part in accomplishing DXN's mission through multi-level marketing strategy, enjoy financial independence, personal achievement and at the same time enjoying the benefit of higher quality of life.

DXN was established following the concept "One Dragon, One World, One Market". This concept has lead DXN to its successful market leadership position and enables the company to continuously expand its global footprint and face the challenges of competition in the market.

The concept of One World One Market, allows any individual from different parts of the world to be a part of the DXN family, enjoy the benefits. Every registered distributors are assured that there will be no geographical limitations of possible market which would allow him to succeed. DXN distributors anywhere can be a sponsor and be included as direct downline of a distributor from other region or nation. All DXN members from any countries worldwide can enjoy one membership and privileges can be enjoyed worldwide.

Features of DXN Marketing Plan

  • Global Plan�- One World One Market, One Global Network
  • Energy Saving Plan- With upward compression mechanism
  • Low Pressure, High Reward�- Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding�- International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc
  • Reward For Depth Expansion�- Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
  • Better Reward For Width Expansion�- Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
  • Flexible Network- Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan�- Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Low Breakaway Target-�Easily promoted and breakway from upline
  • Achievable Plan�- Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
  • Win Win Plan�- When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
  • Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan�- No drop in % for Distributor (6% � 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
  • 14 Ranks For Promotion�- More recognition for distributors
  • Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier�- Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors

Strengths of DXN Marketing Opportunity:

1. Stability of Company: DXN Marketing Sdn. Bhd., was established in 1991 in Malaysia by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, with objective to promote health using ancient and traditional herbs. Company has since then expanded its based to a number of countries and its range of products has also increased.

2. Uniqueness of Products: DXN products are unique in the sense they are cheaper and better when compared to other similar quality health products.

3. Simple Business Plan: DXN Marketing Plan is designed to suit ordinary people who aren�t professional marketers. DXN Business Plan ensures better rewards to new marketers in order to keep them motivated. They provide product training as well as marketing training to individuals seeking wealth with DXN.

4. No Demotion of Status: DXN Business Plan supports no demotion of status concept i.e., once you reach a status you continue to enjoy at least that status irrespective of current position of your efforts. This is particularly helpful to those who work part-time with DXN and may not be able to provide enough time to DXN opportunity regularly.

5. No Retail Outlet of DXN Products: DXN products aren�t available in retail outlets anywhere in the world, nor can they be mail ordered by non-members. This gives an additional advantage to DXN member in marketing its products with confidence.

6. Global Opportunity: DXN Network is available globally in a number of regions. DXN�s concept of �One World One Market� allows DXN members to sponsor people from across the globe where DXN branches exists.

Business Opportunity

Join the International Health Business:
Today, Health & Wellness Industry is among the fastest growing industries in the World Consumer Awareness of Health requirements is very good The  Consumer willingness to spend is continuously on the rise Demand for Health & Organic products is growing at a phenomenal rate DXN is a well established Company for over 26 years DXN is a popular brand in the Wellness industry There is a strong Good-will & Comfortable Market Presence

Uniqueness & Specialities:

  • A rare opportunity to achieve �Health & Wealth� from a single source
  • �One World-One Market� : Single Registration adequate for all Countries
  • Do Multi-National Business from any country of location
  • Low Investment; High Rewards; Fast Growth possibilities
  • No Financial Risk; Low Business Stress
  • Long Term Business opportunity; Life-time Income Benefits
  • Comfortable (and easy to adapt) business Systems
  • Simple Methods and Normal business Skills
  • If you have the Time and Inclination, we open this great opportunity !
  • DXN is already playing remarkably in the market of over 190 countries. This is open to any nationality � both male and female, ages 18year old and above, regardless of their affiliations, professions and careers.
  • DXN is a modern grocery store. Its mission is to promote �Good Health to the World� through the good and high quality products. It offers business opportunity to anyone. 
  • DXN has touched the lives of so many people since its inception in 1993, by serving as the pioneer and market leader in Ganoderma business throughout the world. 
  • DXN has no advertisement. Its members and distributors are paid to promote, distribute, and to sell its products and services to people.

Proper business strategies with DXN's great marketing plan is the best way to attain success in DXN. Learn more business tips.
How you can get maximum benefit from DXN Business and Earn Tons of Money

First:Belief in DXN Business, Consider DXN business as your own business

Second:�Understand DXN Business & its Business Plan

Third:�Give time to DXN Business Regularly (at least 2 to 4�hours a day)

Forth:Get Complete knowledge of its Products (attend Training sessions�)

Fifth:Build your team, introduce new members on regular basis

Above all Consider DXN Business as your Future Business�

Following Video will help you to understand DXN Business Plan:


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